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Having left the forces in 2008 to become a UK sales and logistic manager for an import export firm.  We dealt mainly in fresh vegetables.  Our market was the Mediterranean rim.  As a result we fell victim to the various … Continue reading

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Use this form to contact Sweepover chimney sweep to arrange an appointment or to ask a question. Some FAQs can be be found on the FAQs page.

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Telephone Number. Please leave a usable contact telephone number. It always helps in planning and stops the need for ping-pong emails.  I am happy to use email as the primary source of contact if you wish but I have found that a telephone call (from me to you) saves time and aids clarity.  You can also contact Sweepover chimney sweep on 01954 230777/07779711458.

Days and times of the week. If you have specific days and time of the week  that are convenient/inconvenient  for you please mention them. Sweepover will try their best to work around you.

If I don’t cover your area then you can find another Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps sweep at this Find a Sweep link.  Just type in your post code in the drop down box and you will get a list of sweeps that cover that post code area.