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Bird Guard and Chimney Cap Fitting

Bird Guard and Chimney Cap Fitting

Sweepover can fit and remove various bird guards and chimney caps. The most common is the bird guard with rain cap.  These can be round or square as shown below.  The bird guards comply with BS/EU standards.  They can be fitted to open fires, multi fuel stoves, gas fires or gas/oil boilers.  The chimney caps are for disused flues only. They provide sufficient ventilation to allow air movement through the flue to prevent damp forming. Most importantly they should never be fitted to an active flue. Therefore if you have one fitted and then want to reuse the fire below then it will have to removed first.

The round bird guard fits most common types of round chimney pot.  All are secured in place with a stainless steel jubilee clip.  As a result, once fitted they will not blow off or get knocked off in the sweeping process.  Should you have an unusual top to your chimney pot then i can get the bird guard or cap specially made to fit the shape of your pot and in either buff (a popular colour in Cambridge and surrounding area), terracotta. stainless steel or black to match the colour of your chimney pot.

Bird Guard with Rain Cap

Round Bird Guard

Square Bird Guard with Rain Cap

Square Bird Guard


Chimney Cap


Buff Bird Guard

Buff Bird Guard

Stainless Steel Bird Guard


As well as fitting bird guards and chimney caps I can also supply and fit a range if antidowndraught cowls, again in either buff or terracotta.

Anti Down Draught