About Sweepover chimney sweep

Having left the forces in 2008 to become a UK sales and logistic manager for an import export firm.  We dealt mainly in fresh vegetables.  Our market was the Mediterranean rim.  As a result we fell victim to the various … Continue reading

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CCTV Chimney Inspections

Chimney CCTV Inspections.

Sweepover has the capacity to conduct CCTV inspections on all types of chimney or liners.  Sweepover uses a compact and highly portable camera system with full recording and playback capabilities for use in chimneys ducts and pipes. It has 10 LEDs or IR lights which allow colour or black and white recording.  It is purpose built for the chimney professional and designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. With ‘live’ recording direct onto SD card via digital video recorder. This enables me to show my customer exactly what the issue is. I can also provide my customers with a copy of the video, still images and a written report as required. To the right is an example of the quality of the still images produced and a short video.

chimney flue

Builders rubble blocking a gas fire flue.

A Modern Chimney Less than 12 Years Old.

This image, looking up the chimney, shows a piece of masonry blocking a chimney flue of a gas fire. The customer report that he felt ill every time he lit the fire (probably Carbon Monoxide poisoning).  The customer is now able to take the matter up with the builders at their expense.

chimney flue

Wire mesh with bird nest.

300 Year Old Chimney.

This image is of a metal grill which had been built into the chimney some years ago and now has a bird nest on it. Allegedly the flue was swept every year which is obviously impossible. The Rod in the centre is where a previous sweep had got his rods stuck in the wire mesh. The customer is now able to have the necessary building work carried out to remove the wire mesh and then call me back to sweep the chimney properly.